For all of your artificial grass needs in Sanibel, Florida, rely on ForeverLawn Southwest Florida, the exclusive dealer of ForeverLawn artificial grass products for Sanibel and surrounding areas.

Water conservation is important in the state of Florida, and installing ForeverLawn artificial grass is one step in the right direction. Our products require very little maintenance after installation, meaning you’ll conserve all the water you used to use on your natural grass. In addition, ForeverLawn is environmentally conscious. Our products are made with recycled materials that are non-toxic to both humans and animals. When you choose ForeverLawn, you’re choosing what’s right for the environment.

DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass is the most advanced and realistic of all our products. We offer four different products under this name, each suitable for different levels of foot traffic:

  • DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select VR – This artificial turf is one of our most realistic blends featuring rich green blades with a tan thatch to mimic the look and feel of natural grass. The tall, dense blade construction works best in low traffic areas.
  • DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select LX – Best for moderate traffic areas, this turf offers extreme realism and great curb appeal.
  • DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select HD – The lightness of this turf provides extra resiliency, making it perfect for high traffic areas.
  • DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select EL – With shorter blades and dense construction, this artificial grass requires less infill than other types of artificial grass.

ForeverLawn can also provide you with roughly 20 different specialty products that have been designed specifically to function best for what they are named for.

Our other specialty products include:

Choose ForeverLawn artificial grass for your Sanibel, Florida project. To find out more about our products and services, or to request a free quote, contact ForeverLawn Southwest Florida today.

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