Thank you for considering ForeverLawn as your source of artificial grass in Prescott, Arizona. The dealer of ForeverLawn artificial grass in Prescott and surrounding areas is ForeverLawn Northern Arizona, owned and operated by Reggie Plett.

There are many different types of synthetic grass on the market, but ForeverLawn stays ahead of the game by manufacturing synthetic grass that is durable and made from the highest quality materials. We pride ourselves on creating artificial grass that not only functions well, but has an extremely natural appearance as well.

DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass is our most natural looking line of artificial grass. Unlike our specialty grasses, DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass features a tan thatch that mimics the look of natural grass. This product line has 4 variations, all of which are designed for use in areas with different levels of foot traffic.

  • Select VR – This remarkably realistic artificial turf features a tall, dense blade construction with a rich, multifaceted color scheme, best suited for low to moderate traffic areas.
  • Select LX – The first artificial grass to feature a tan thatch, Select LX is the most natural looking turf of all our products offering beautiful curb appeal, best suited for moderate traffic areas.
  • Select HD – Constructed with Memory Fiber™ yarn for high resiliency, this synthetic grass works well in moderate to high traffic areas.
  • Select EL – Featuring a dense construction and shorter pile height, this artificial turf requires less infill and works well in high traffic areas.

ForeverLawn Northern Arizona also offers over 20 specialty variations of artificial turf, including:

  • K9Grass® – The first type of artificial turf designed specifically for dogs, K9Grass features antimicrobial protection on each individual blade to prevent bacteria from growing, and our flow-through backing system to efficiently drain fluids out of the turf.
  • Playground Grass™ – With antimicrobial protection and crumb rubber infill for soft landings, this artificial turf is perfect for playgrounds. Playground Grass has been ASTM approved for falls up to 13 feet, making it much safer than traditional wood chips.
  • SplashGrass™ – Perfect for waterparks and pool areas, this synthetic turf features our flow-through backing system to quickly and efficiently drain water out of the turf.
  • GolfGreens® – Perfect for both residential and commercial uses, this professional grade putting turf is sure to improve your game.
  • SportsGrass® – Save time on watering and mowing by installing our premium SportsGrass that works well for both indoor and outdoor sports fields.

For more information on our premium artificial grass products, or to request a quote on your Prescott, Arizona project, contact ForeverLawn Northern Arizona today!

Quality Synthetic Grass
ForeverLawn Northern Arizona
Quality Synthetic Grass

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