Owner Brendan Cronin and everyone at ForeverLawn Massachusetts are passionate about the benefits of ForeverLawn artificial grass. ForeverLawn Massachusetts serves Newton and surrounding areas of Massachusetts. We look forward to providing you with a premier landscaping solution.

At ForeverLawn Massachusetts, we are so passionate about our artificial grass products because they offer our customers endless benefits. A few of those benefits include:

  • Save money – While the initial cost of installing ForeverLawn artificial grass is substantial, you end up saving money in the long run because our artificial grass requires zero watering. You also won’t spend money on gas for your mower, or on fertilizer and other pesticides because our products require very little maintenance.
  • Environmentally friendly – As you watch your water bill shrink because you no longer have a need to water your lawn, you’ll also be doing your part in the worldwide effort to conserve water.
  • Natural looking grass – Our artificial grass backing is made from recycled materials such as soybean plant matter. All of our artificial grass is non-toxic to both humans and animals, and provides a more sustainable landscape solution than natural grass that is maintained with harsh chemicals and pesticides.
  • A lasting solution – All of our synthetic grass products are made with highly durable and quality fibers made to withstand years of wear and tear.
  • Attractive – Whether it’s a commercial or residential landscape, those around you will envy your lush, green lawn after installing ForeverLawn artificial grass.
  • Tailored – With roughly 20 products to offer, each solution is tailored specifically to the customer to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Just a few of our artificial grass products include:

For more information on any of our synthetic grass products, or to receive a free quote on your Newton project, contact ForeverLawn Massachusetts today!

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