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A Green Lawn In Midland?

Driving around Midland, Texas is like looking at a checkerboard. There are those few houses scattered around town that somehow have immaculate green lawns despite water restrictions, and then there are those with dry, scraggly, brown lawns. It’s understandable that in sweltering heat you’d want to come home to a refreshing lush green lawn, but at what cost?

Drought conditions are running high in Midland, and every last drop of water is important. It’s nearly impossible to maintain a green lawn with the water restrictions that are in effect and the dry heat. By installing ForeverLawn artificial grass, you’ll never have to water your lawn again, and you’ll be doing your part in conserving Midland’s dwindling supply of water.

The Benefits of Installing ForeverLawn Artificial Grass

  • Cost– While the upfront cost of installing ForeverLawn artificial grass is substantial, you’ll end up saving money in the long run by cutting down your water bill, as all ForeverLawn artificial grass requires zero water.
  • Time– Those hours spent trying to salvage your scraggly lawn are over. All of our products are water and maintenance free, which means no more costly sprinklers, harmful fertilizer and pesticides, and no more mowing.
  • Eco-friendly– All of the materials we use to manufacture our artificial grass have been tested and are non-toxic to humans, animals, and the environment. We use recycled materials for the backing of our turf, including soybean plant matter.
  • Conservation– The biggest benefit for Midland residents is conservation. Limited outside water use won’t be a problem for you anymore, in fact you’ll be conserving even more.
  • Appearance– Everyone wants to be green in the checkerboard of lawns, and with ForeverLawn artificial grass, your lawn will be lush and green all year long. We use the most advanced technology and high quality materials to make our turf appear natural and realistic.

ForeverLawn West Texas offers roughly 20 different types of artificial grass to best suit your needs. From K9Grass for dogs to GolfGreens artificial putting turf, we’ve got you covered. To find out which product will work best for your project, call to speak with one of our artificial grass experts who will walk you through our process.

For more information or to request a free quote on your Midland, Texas project, contact ForeverLawn West Texas today.

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