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Playground Grass by ForeverLawn Portland
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Thank you for your interest in ForeverLawn artificial grass in Hillsboro, Oregon!

ForeverLawn Portland is the exclusive dealer serving Hillsboro and surrounding areas.

Tired of weekend lawn maintenance, muddy paws, or just plain bad curb appeal?

The expert team at ForeverLawn Portland can help you find the perfect artificial grass solution to wipe out the struggles you’ve had with your lawn.

Benefits of ForeverLawn Artificial Grass

  • Low Maintenance – ForeverLawn artificial grass doesn’t require any watering, mowing, fertilizing, or edging. Your lawn equipment can stay tucked away in the garage and your weekends can be freed up for fun activities.
  • Durable – We use the best materials on the market to create our artificial grass products. Combine the best materials with durable blade construction and you get a turf that holds up against foot traffic, weather, pets, and more!
  • Versatile – With roughly 20 different specialized artificial grass products, ForeverLawn artificial grass can be used in a wide range of unique applications.
  • Sustainable – Unlike natural grass, our artificial turf uses considerably less of the earth’s resources and doesn’t need any harsh chemicals or fertilizers to stay looking fresh.
  • Attractive – ForeverLawn artificial grass has a natural, soft appearance due to multi-colored blades made from high quality materials. Our turf allows you to achieve beautiful curb appeal and fool even the pickiest of neighbors into thinking you’ve spent hours working on your lawn.

Artificial Grass Solutions

NorthStar Commercial FinancingTake advantage of our tremendous commercial financing program from North Star Leasing Company. Using this program enables businesses to enjoy the benefits of artificial turf while leaving company capital free for other purposes.

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