Enjoy beautiful grass all year-round when you choose ForeverLawn South Carolina, serving Greer, South Carolina and the surrounding area with premium artificial grass.

Whether there are scorching droughts or overwhelming rain storms, your lawn can still look beautiful with synthetic turf. You can save water during restrictions since you won’t need a sprinkler system any more. You can also rest easy knowing that harmful pesticides and fertilizers won’t run off your lawn during a heavy rainstorm.

DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass
Our designers have created the most realistic artificial grass yet. We’ve added tan thatch for a more natural appearance. Each blade is fine for a natural feeling when you touch the grass. We’ve made the construction dense to create a better, long-lasting synthetic turf for your landscaping.

Your pets will stay healthy and clean thanks to the antimicrobial properties in our K9Grass. It has a flow-through backing to keep messes tidy and sogginess dried up. You won’t need to clean up after muddy paws any longer!

Playground Grass
We’ve created the best grass for your playground. No more rubber chips, splintery mulch, hard concrete, or muddy grass for your playground – only the best will do. Our ASTM 1292 safety certified product is the best of its kind.

Hard concrete and splintery decks make tough landings for children who are excited to play at the pool or waterpark. Instead, give them a low-slip surface, thanks to the varied blade structure of our SplashGrass. It’s also easily drainable, making your life easier.

We’ve designed this product for athletes. The next time you’re competing, you don’t need to worry about infill flyout or a too-hard or too-soft feeling that can mess up your footing. Trust ForeverLawn to help you reach the next level in your performance.

Our golfing line includes specific synthetic turf for EZ Putt, Pro Putt, Pin Seeker, True Putt, and ForeverLawn Fresh – First Cut Fringe. All of them are made with professional quality to help you bring your swing up to a professional level. With us, you can have a beautiful golf course no matter the weather.

ForeverLawn Artificial Grass In Greer, South Carolina

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