For busy homeowners and business owners who want to save time, try ForeverLawn artificial grass. The exclusive dealer of ForeverLawn artificial grass in the Grand Prairie, Texas area is ForeverLawn. In our hectic world, it’s difficult to make time for anything, even to maintain a beautiful lawn, so give us a call today.

This is why we’ve designed our DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass. Our artificial turf looks realistic with its thick, fine blades attached to a tan thatch to heighten its natural appearance. Its dense construction and durable blades are designed to be long-lasting and low-maintenance. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, DuPont ForeverLawn Select synthetic grass is ideal for all landscaping.

What if you need something special? We still have the low maintenance synthetic turf designed specifically for your needs:

  • K9Grass is our solution for dog lovers. We use short, dense blades with flow-through backing and antimicrobial protection to make a synthetic turf that is safe, clean, and smells good for animals. Pet facilities and pet owners have enjoyed the benefits of our K9Grass.
  • Playground Grass looks beautiful and feels soft, making a great environment where children can play. Our Playground Grass meets all ASTM 1951 ADA certification requirements and is cost effective and maintenance free.
  • SportsGrass helps your athletes play at a higher level. Our turf has unmatched durability and antimicrobial technology that makes it safer and cleaner, preventing excess infill from flying into athlete’s eyes.
  • SplashGrass saves time while still allowing people to enjoy the soft, beautiful feel of natural grass. SplashGrass is designed to be drainable, safe, and attractive for landscaping by waterparks and pool sides. Its varied blade structure makes it a low-slip alternative for concrete and pool decks.
  • GolfGreens  allows you to open a golf course in your own backyard. Use the time you would spend mowing your yard to improve your swing!

For long-lasting, low-maintenance, beautiful synthetic turf that will save you time, contact ForeverLawn at 866.992.7876.

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