ForeverLawn is pleased to provide Delano, California with premium artificial grass products. Due to constant droughts in California, it is more popular than ever to install synthetic turf. This alternative to natural grass will look beautiful, green, and realistic no matter how much rainfall you have.

At ForeverLawn, we have roughly 20 varieties of artificial grass:

  • SportsGrass: We designed SportsGrass with athletes in mind. When athletes play on artificial turf, they complain that the surface feels either too hard or too soft or that there is too much infill flyout in their eyes. We have created an athletic synthetic turf that solves all of these problems, helping athletes focus on reaching their next level of performance.

  • DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass: We created our most realistic artificial grass yet. Our DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass has tan thatch and more realistic fine blades, which look attractive and natural.

  • K9Grass: Your pets will love our K9Grass! Our engineers have created flow-through backing to prevent soggy spots from forming in your lawn. We also added antimicrobial features that will fight bacteria and germs. Your home, pet, and lawn will look beautiful without any extra water.

  • Playground Grass: Our Playground Grass has earned both ASTM 1291 and ASTM 1951 ADA certifications for safety. These certifications show that this synthetic turf is safe, beautiful, soft, and ideal to create a soft landing for children.

  • True Putt, Pro Putt & Chip, EZ Putt, Pin Seeker, and First Cut: Our GolfGreens line includes a variety of turf which have special features for your golfing style. Have a professional quality, beautiful lawn without turning on any sprinklers.

  • SplashGrass: We’ve added varied blade structure and a drainable surface to make this the best low-slip alternative to concrete and grass. Replace your splintery deck with SplashGrass to guarantee that your friends, family, and visitors enjoy every inch of your yard!

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