Looking for an alternative to traditional grass in the Cleveland, Ohio area? Call on ForeverLawn Northern Ohio, the exclusive dealer of ForeverLawn artificial grass products in Cleveland, Ohio and surrounding areas.

If you’ve been considering an artificial grass installation, here are some reasons to consider DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass:

  • No mowing or maintenance needed
  • No watering required
  • Our flow-through backing efficiently drains water and prevents flooding
  • Your lawn will stay green year-round
  • All ForeverLawn products are eco-friendly

No other artificial grass is more realistic than DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass. Each blade is crafted from strong, soft fibers made to last while still providing the feel of natural grass. Four different types of synthetic grass are offered:

ForeverLawn can also provide you with roughly 20 different specialty products that have been designed specifically to function best for what they are named for, including:

We look forward to helping you achieve the lawn you’ve always wanted for your Cleveland, Ohio landscape. Contact ForeverLawn Northern Ohio today to find out about all our products and determine which one will best suit your project in the Cleveland area.

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