ForeverLawn has had a dealer location in Arizona for almost four years and we are amazed at how quickly these synthetic grass products are evolving, and the variety of applications they are being used for. Four years ago the products looked “good” for not being real, but with the multi-colored blade structure and the heavier face weights (amount of yarn) being used in today’s synthetic grass products, it’s really hard to distinguish from the real thing.

What makes one synthetic grass different than another? The analogy that we like to give to customers is that of flooring for your home; you can buy ceramic tile or you can buy Turkish Travertine. Both are flooring but the travertine has a much richer look and feel than the ceramic tile. The same goes with synthetic grass. There is currently a large variety of products on the market and each will have a different price point. Some of the more expensive artificial turfs have a combination of a polyethylene/nylon and there are some that even have a brown thatch to replicate dead grass or a dormant Bermuda. There are differences in backing; some have a standard urethane backing, while others have more layers of urethane or even a heavy foam backing.

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The applications for synthetic grass in Arizona have expanded greatly from just putting greens over the last few years to front and back lawns, dog runs, commercial areas, roof top applications, playground safety surfacing, bocce ball courts, tennis courts and areas that homeowners are having a difficult time growing real grass.

As an Arizona landscape contractor, we would ask the customer what their need is and then we can direct them into the correct synthetic grass product. For example, is the synthetic grass to go under a swing set that gets heavy traffic? Are there animals that are going to use the synthetic grass, if so how many? Is the synthetic grass going to border real grass? If it’s a putting green we need to know if you plan on chipping on the green, if so how far do you want to chip from?

With the drought in the southwest going on now for close to a decade there are many customers that chose synthetic grass for the water savings. ForeverLawn Southwest has locations in Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff – contact us today.

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