In natural grass and synthetic turf surfaces, bacteria find their way onto the fibers. The bacteria reproduce and continue reproducing causing foul odors, discoloration, corrosion, and bio-fouling among other problems.

In order to create a grass surface that is as safe and clean as possible, ForeverLawn® has teamed with AstroTurf manufacturing to add AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology to our K9Grass®Playground Grass™ and SportsGrass® production. Click here to see how AlphaSan® performed in recent clinical tests.

AlphaSan antimicrobial additive is a zirconium phosphate-based ceramic ion-exchange resin containing silver. Silver is well known as being safe for human contact and effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms. These antimicrobial properties bring additional value through product differentiation to a variety of synthetic turf applications.

Antimicrobial technology available exclusively in the following ForeverLawn products:

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On ForeverLawn synthetic surfaces manufactured with AlphaSan antimicrobial technology, bacteria still find their way onto the fibers. However, they will now come in contact with the AlphaSan silver ions. The silver ions successfully attack the growth of microbial’s metabolism inhibiting the growth of this bacteria providing you with a safer, cleaner environment.

The AlphaSan technology is built in to the grass blades (yarn) during the production and is not a post-production application or  spray that will wear off or fade away.  Because of this innovative process, the ForeverLawn products will maintain their antimicrobial properties for the life of the product.

This new innovative technology is manufactured only by AstroTurf and is available exclusively in the ForeverLawn K9Grass, Playground Grass, and SportsGrass products.