Is your excitement about where you’re going big enough to attract others to come with you? 

Join us this week on Impact Without Limits as Ty Allen, a dear friend of the Karmie brothers, enters the scene. In the midst of change and traveling out west for a job interview, Ty decided to stop out in Albuquerque to visit Dale and Brian.

Ty witnessed Dale and Brian’s actions for their business, and that action became contagious.

We crave for our excitement about new ideas to be shared by those around us. Often though, we exhaust ourselves trying to convince them with our words, when it would be more effective to convince them with our actions. Without realizing it, this is exactly what Dale and Brian were doing during Ty’s visit. 

After a couple of long days of showing Ty their new business, everyone sat together and talked over a greasy pizza. 

What happened next was unexpected, but you’ll have to tune in to today’s episode to hear what it was.

We do want to leave you with this: talk is cheap, but action creates attraction. 

Listen today to hear how that unfolded in this scenario.



Episode Highlights: 

  • Ty Allen coming out to visit.
  • Nate and the BMW.
  • The importance of belief.
  • Painting the vision with pizza grease on a napkin.
  • The importance of creating belief with action.


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