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ForeverLawn Wichita Falls sells and installs the highest quality, most technologically advanced artificial grass products on the market. From luxurious putting greens to improve your short game, to our residential landscape grass that takes realism to a new level, ForeverLawn has the solution to your low-maintenance landscape needs.

George Berre, owner of ForeverLawn Witchita Falls and ForeverLawn Texas, has a passion for his community and a desire to offer an alternative landscaping solution that can save millions of gallons of water every year. As a Wichita Falls native and a graduate from Texas Tech, he is no stranger to the current (and worsening) drought conditions in many areas of North and West Texas. After years of research and experience in the industry, he decided to join the ForeverLawn team because of their commitment to Quality, Innovation and Integrity.

Synthetic grass by ForeverLawn is a premium artificial turf that provides functional, attractive, and responsible landscaping. Experience the luxury of a ForeverLawn artificial grass landscape, with these added benefits:

  • Water Conservation

ForeverLawn synthetic turf requires no water to maintain its lush, green, beautiful appearance year-round. The beauty and functionality of our products make them ideal alternatives to natural grass that also save precious water.

  • Chemical-Free Maintenance

ForeverLawn synthetic grass products help reduce the introduction of chemicals into the environment by eliminating fertilizers, pesticides, and weed killers that are commonly used to maintain natural grass landscaping.

  • Recycling

The multi-layered backing system in ForeverLawn artificial turf features recycled and renewable materials. The final backing layer is comprised of recycled plastic bottles from Project Yellowstone and Project Grand Teton, two innovative recycling partnerships with large national parks.

We understand that when you decide to invest in artificial grass, you expect nothing but the best. As the industry innovator for 10 years, ForeverLawn is committed to continuously developing better products and pioneering the future of synthetic grass.

For more information on ForeverLawn or its product lines, call ForeverLawn Wichita Falls at 940.867.1183.

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