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Lawns can be greener with turf

ForeverLawn Southwest Florida designs backyards to accommodate their synthetic turf product and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

The grass is always greener on the other side but ForeverLawn Southwest Florida is working to change that perception.

The synthetic turf dealership is expanding its offerings into the south Fort Myers area in hopes of giving customers a lawn their neighbors will admire.

“It’s a seasonal market down here and you have a lot of snow birds that stay until April and they want that low maintenance lifestyle,” said Owner Steve Cianflone, who bought the franchise and moved it to the area a few months ago.

The turf Cianflone gives customers a chance to have grass that requires no watering, mowing and is bug free.

“Our product doesn’t have to be cut and it still looks like grass,” he said adding that seasonal residents won’t have to move into condos to avoid yard work.

“We don’t want people to give up their homes and privacy and live with noise.”

The lawn, which is priced at $2 to $7 a square foot, can be installed fairly quickly.

“The lawn comes in rolls and it rolls out just like carpet,” said Cianflone adding that the product can be installed in a few days.

Cianflone employs a crew that removes the existing grass, lays down a base of crushed shells and concrete that is compacted, and a weed barrier is put down. The blades of grass are than bonded to that barrier.

“We put a weed barrier to protect the turf from vegetation growing underneath it … our base is much deeper than other companies,” said Cianflone adding that the turf can’t be dug up by dogs or lifted by children.

The lack of watering needed to sustain the turf is also a benefit for people under strict watering restrictions and commercial locations as well.

“People here enjoy being outside and having that hamburger and having their children play and dogs run around,” he said.

That’s also why the company designs yards that enhance the look of the turf.

“We aren’t in the business just to sell turf … we are here to make the lawns nice and make it aesthetically pleasing,” he said.

“We will work with the clientele to design that person’s yard with rock, waterfall or put in some decorative mulch.”

The company is the only one of its kind that is licensed to sell the synthetic turf and not even landscaping companies can purchase it.

“You have to be trained and certified and that makes our product better,” he said about the turf that is guaranteed for eight years.

The quality and warranty is why the turf has also garnered attention from city officials in Punta Gorda who are changing their zoning codes to accommodate the new turf.

“This isn’t the old astro turf from the past … and hopefully people will see all of it’s benefits and follow suit with Punta Gorda,” said Cianflone who is working on his first project in the area this week. “Our turf really stands out and your neighbors will see that.”

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