Thank you for your interest in artificial grass from ForeverLawn Mexico.

ForeverLawn is the industry leader in artificial grass that is extremely durable and yet looks and feels like real grass. We have an exclusive, patented grass with narrower blades and less sheen so that it looks real. Our new seamless installation method sews the seams together in a way that ensures the durability of the grass and allows you to use it as you would your lawn. It is our promise to provide you great service, a commitment to honesty and integrity in business, and a desire to make you glad you chose us that sets us apart from the competition.

At ForeverLawn Mexico we can solve all your landscaping challenges in our one-stop-shop. With over 20 varieties of state-of-the-art artificial grass to choose from, we can provide you with things like:

  • Playground Grass for playgrounds that is soft to fall on
  • K9Grass for pet areas and kennels that has special drainage systems
  • SportsGrass for dependable, rugged grass fields to play on
  • SplashGrass for pool areas to keep feet from slipping
  • GolfGreens for low maintenance putting areas

Whether you are a business owner or a residential customer, you will be pleased with our innovative products and our top notch installation team.

Think of the benefits of artificial grass:

  • No more watering the lawn
  • No more weeding or chemically treating the lawn
  • No more mowing and trimming
  • No more brown spots to fix or reseed
  • Can be installed in areas where grass would not grow
  • Is rugged and can endure sporting events without problems
  • Is softer to fall on than regular grass
  • Is a constant height and consistency for your golf game
  • Can provide safety around the pool or other wet areas where slipping is a problem

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