Project Highlight
US Military Welcomes New Indoor Sports Arena by ForeverLawn

ForeverLawn recently completed the installation of 15,000 square feet of SportsGrass Arena at Grand Forks Air Force Base, transforming an underutilized hockey arena into a multi-use indoor field in just four days. The new all-weather arena is designed to be used for indoor football, lacrosse, and field hockey, as well as physical fitness training, tests, and drills.

With long winter months in North Dakota, and temperatures reaching below 30 degrees, recreation and fitness on the base was limited to the activities that could be performed in the previous hockey arena. The new SportsGrass field will provide base personnel with a soft, resilient surface to play, train, and exercise on year-round, in a climate controlled environment.

The ForeverLawn team is honored and privileged to be able to provide a service to the men and women who serve America every day.


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